Hammer Design For Falling Block Rifle

The hammer of the No. 1 VAULT LOCK is readily cocked with either the thumb or forefinger. If the hammer is cocked by the thumb it is best done by starting the cocking action with the side of the thumb and once you become adept at it, it can be done in one motion without difficulty although you may want to roll your thumb so that at the end of the swing the tip of your thumb pad does the final cocking. Some shooters using this rifle prefer to use the index finger to cock the hammer. In any case the hammer must be swung fully back to allow the sear/safety plunger to rise to its maximum or SAFE position.

CAPTIONS for drawings and photos with some preliminary instructions for making the FM No. 1 VAULT LOCK action. NOTE: All the drawings except Fig. 2-1 are made actual size and any dimensions not given can be taken from the drawings.

Rifle Blueprints


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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