Shotgun Blueprints

1. Receiver

2. Left breech block side

3. Right breech block side

(not shown)

4. Trigger guard

5. Firing pin block

6. Firing pin block retaining screw

7. Breech block face

8. Breech face retaining screw

9. Firing pin and retractor spring

10. Fx tract or activator pin and spring

11. Extractor

12. Extractor power block

13. Power block spring and guide pin

14. Rotary lock

15. Rotar> lock spring

16. Rotary lock release lever

17. Release lever pin

18. Release pin

19. Breech block hinge pin

20. Front stock screw block

21. Front stock screw block screws

22. Hammer

23. Hammer pin

24. Mainspring

25. Mainspring strut

26. Mainspring strut sleeve

27. Mainspring strut retaining pin

28. Trigger

29. Trigger pin

30. Trigger spring

31. Trigger spring adjustment screw

32. Sear engagement adjustment screw

33. Rear tang

34. Rear tang screw

35. Front stock screw

This is the exploded view drawing, with all parts identified and numbered. It also shows the general shape of most parts and their relationship to each other. The parts in this view are not drawn to scale.


This shows the action closed, locked and with the hammer in the "at rest" rebound position. This is the position the hammer is automatically placed after firing by the design and shape of the mainspring and mainspring strut. It is also the SAFE position in that the sear tip of the trigger is behind the SAFE notch on the hammer, blocking the hammer so that it cannot contact the spring retracted firing pin. Note the hole in the trigger in line with the rear adjustment screw in the hammer. Adjustment of this screw can only be made with the hammer in the rebound position. The rotary lock spring is not shown in the sectional view drawings but is shown in the accompanying detail drawing of the rotary lock and rotary lock release lever, and also in Fig. 4-16. The extractor plunger and spring (10) are also not shown. (See Figs. 4-1 and 4-7).

Chicopee Rifle Plans

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