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Historical Background 1 Construction Details 5 The manufacture and ownership of sound suppressors is strictly regulated by the federal government. Some state laws and local ordnances flat out forbid them, even though the potential manufacturer or owner may have fulfilled all the requirements for legitimate ownership under federal law. The information contained herein is for educational and reference purposes only.


Rimfire Silencers

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Historical Background

Firearm sound moderators and suppressors, commonly known as silencers to most people, have a certain mystique about them that can't be described, only felt. To the person who has a rabid hatred of guns, the silencer's mystique is similar to that of a coiled viper fascinating in a deadly, evil sort of way. To the average shooter who knows what they arc but has never used one, they conjure up visions of a toggy night on the waterfront in Istanbul, with a Soviet spy meeting his end as a CIA...

Construction Details

Rimfire Silencer

This is a how-to book, You are given several choices for the construction of a .22 rim fire caliber suppressor. Since the outer tube of the suppressor is the registered part, the insides can be changed or altered at will. With this premise in mind we have fashioned several suppressor designs, all fitting the same basic tube. The only option concerning the tube is whether you use threaded end plugs 01 use a simplified method of fastening the end plugs with set screws. While the latter may be...