Sight Adjustment

The folding leaf rear sight is adjustable for elevation. The slide must be moved one graduation to change the point of impact by approximately one inch at 25 yards. Use a small screwdriver with a blade tip that exactly fits the screw-head. Loosen the screws only slightly so the slide doesn't move too freely. Move the slide in the direction you want the point of impact of the bullet to move. When the slide is positioned at the desired height, carefully tighten both screws.

Lateral (windage) adjustment is made by 'drifting' the sight base in its slot. Place a short brass rod against the sight base (and only the base) and tap the sight in the direction you wish to move the point of bullet impact. Before moving the sight, pencil mark an index line on the sight base and rib so that sight movement can be detected.


Top of front sight even with top of rear sight slide. Front sight centered in notch of rear sight slide. Target bulls-eye centered on top of front sight.

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