To Disassemble

Make Sure Rifle is Unloaded!

1. With the rifle pointing in a safe direction, remove the magazine, open the bolt and visually make certain there is not a cartridge in the chamber. Then allow the bolt to close. The rear sight leaf should be down, and the hammer should be cocked.



Always unload a firearm before cleaning, lubrication, disassembly or assembly.



2. Loosen the barrel band screw (B-69) and remove the barrel band (B-68). (Does not apply to the Sporter Model).

3. Loosen (don't remove) the take-down screw (B-65).

4. Position the safety so an equal amount of the button is exposed on each side. If the safety is not in the middle when the barrel-receiver assembly is lifted out of the stock, the stock will be damaged.

5. Swing the barrel-receiver assembly upward away from the forearm of the stock. Be careful the two receiver cross pins (B-5) and bolt stop pin (B-46) do not fall out.

6. Remove the trigger guard by simply drifting out the two receiver pins. It is recommended that the components of the trigger guard assembly not be disassembled from the trigger guard.

This is the extent of disassembly required for routine inspection, cleaning and lubrication.

If it is desired to thoroughly clean the inside of the receiver by removing the bolt, be aware that although removing and installing the bolt (along with the bolt handle-recoil spring assembly) is simple, it must be done correctly.

7. To remove the bolt:

a. Position the rifle upside down so the bolt is fully accessible.

b. Drift out the bolt stop pin, located at the rear of the receiver.

c. Pull the bolt handle fully to the rear of the receiver with the left hand, and while it is in that position, using the right hand, lift up the front of the bolt until it is disengaged from the bolt handle.

d. Remove the bolt handle assembly through the ejection port.

e. Lift bolt out of receiver. If it does not come out readily, turn the rifle over and the bolt will drop out of the receiver.

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