T H E It U G it Studio Of Art And Decoration

Turning Firearms into Works of Art

The Ruger Studio of Art and Decoration is staffed with accomplished engravers who cater to the discriminating tastes of all admirers of fine firearms.

Starting with any new Ruger firearm, we can custom hand engrave virtually any pattern or scene you desire. Examples of coverage and the approximate price for custom hand engraving are provided below.*

Ruger Firearms

Your choice of style and subject matter can be as unlimited as your imagination.

In addition to hand engraved bespoke firearms, the Ruger Studio will, from time to time, offer Limited Edition collections of Ruger firearms for the discerning collector. The collections will include engraved series of new, commemorative, and classic Ruger models.

Please visit the Ruger Studio Gallery at www.ruger.com or call 203-259-7843 for full details.

Gold Inlay Firearms
A bespoke Ruger No. 1 with exceptional 24-karat gold inlay. Your Ruger Studio gun will be as unique as your own signature.

Paul Lantuch, Sturm, Ruger's Master Artist and Chief Engraver, is a virtuoso whose experience spans over 30 years. Examples of Paul's work are prized by firearms collectors, and repose in a number of important museum collections.

Engraved floorplates are available in a number of patterns and styles and may be customized with your initials. Prices start at tllO.OO. 25

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