(Make Sure Revolver is Unloaded!)

The user of a RUGER® 50th ANNIVERSARY NEW MODEL BLACKHAWK® revolver should carefully read all disassembly directions and study all the illustrations and the Parts List in this manual before attempting to take the gun apart. Know the names and location of the parts before removing any of them. Although the Ruger New Model single action revolver mechanism is composed of only a few parts, it is essential that the disassembly and reassembly operations be carried out with knowledge and care.

Only a few tools are required: A screwdriver or two to remove the grip panel and grip frame screws, and a drift punch to remove the hammer and trigger pivots (pins). A small plastic-faced hammer can be useful in drifting the trigger pivot out and in.

The tip of the screwdriver blade should perfectly fit the grip frame screw slots. A tip too large will scrape away metal, while too small a tip will damage the screw slots.

Before taking the gun apart, set up to do it properly. Cover the work surface with a soft cloth so that the gun finish (and sights) will not be damaged, and provide a tray into which the parts can be put as they are removed from the gun.



Never clean, lubricate, disassemble or work on a revolver while it is loaded. Never install or remove a loaded cylinder. A loaded cylinder can discharge if dropped or struck. Read instructions before disassembling gun.


1. With the revolver pointed in a safe direction, open the gate and rotate the cylinder. Examine every chamber in the cylinder to be certain the revolver is unloaded. Leave the gate open.

2. Press in fully on the left side of the base pin latch, and while holding it in that position, withdraw the base pin. Remove the cylinder and close the gate. This is as far as you need to go for routine cleaning.


1. Remove grip panel screw and remove grip panels. Unlock the internal lock. (See page 7 & 8 for instructions regarding internal lock usage.)

2. Draw the hammer rearward to full cock position. Insert a short length (about 1") of nail or pin into the small hole at the lower end of the hammer strut. the hole is visible between the mainspring and the top of the internal lock assembly. (See Figure 4, below.) The purpose of inserting the pin or nail is to confine the mainspring when the hammer is released.

3. While maintaining thumb pressure on the hammer spur, squeeze the trigger and ease hammer down to full forward position.

4. Remove the five (5) screws that fasten the grip frame to the cylinder frame.

Revolver Mainspring

5. Pull the grip frame rearward and downward to separate it from the cylinder frame. (If the grip frame does not readily separate from the cylinder frame, draw the hammer rearward a short distance.) Remove the mainspring assembly and internal lock assembly from the grip frame, but do not remove the small pin that is confining the mainspring. (The mainspring assembly will later be reassembled into the frame as it is.) The internal lock assembly is removed from the grip frame by lifting it up and then out.

Do not 'lose' the pawl spring and plunger (located in a hole in the rear of the left side of the cylinder frame, just above the grip frame screw hole) or the cylinder latch spring and plunger (located in the hole above front of the trigger guard bow in the grip frame).

6. Remove the trigger pivot (pin) as follows: using a screwdriver as shown in Figure 5, below, depress the gate detent spring so that the end of the spring which rests in one groove of the trigger pivot is free of the groove. Then, use a drift and hammer to push the pivot completely out of the frame.

A CAUTION: Press the screwdriver blade tip against the spring carefully and be certain the blade does not slip off the spring and damage the frame or injure the person holding the gun.

7. Remove cylinder latch, gate detent spring, and gate.

8. Remove hammer pivot. Then remove the hammer/pawl assembly and the trigger/transfer bar assembly. (Note that the hammer is attached to the pawl and the transfer bar is attached to the trigger. See Figure 6).

Ruger Blackhawk Cylinder Stop


The revolver is, at this stage, disassembled as far as it needs to be for major cleaning and maintenance. However, if it is necessary to go beyond the above steps, the following cautions and suggestions should be useful:

CAUTION: The preload on the cylinder rotation stop is factory set. do not alter the position of the cylinder rotation stop screw (part no. KMVQ04501).

Ejector/Ejector Housing: Wrap one hand firmly around barrel and housing when loosening the screw. Remove screw, then carefully lift housing (which contains compressed spring and ejector rod) away from the barrel.

Base Pin Latch/Nut and Spring: The nut must be held firmly (with jaw-protected pliers) while the latch is being unscrewed. Don't lose the spring. When reassembling, be certain the nut and spring are on the left side of the frame. (See Parts Drawing, p. 33).

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