Magazine Inspection And Care

Check the magazine frequently. The rotor must move freely and have adequate tension so that each cartridge is quickly raised to the feeding position. The .44 magnum magazine is automatically tensioned (rotor wound 1 1/2 turns) if properly assembled.

To test the rotor tension, load one cartridge into the magazine and then firmly press against the side of the cartridge case. Remove your finger quickly. The cartridge should instantly and fully move in to the feeding position. If it does not, the magazine should be cleaned. If cleaning does not restore proper rotor tension, do not use the magazine. (NOTE: After testing, remove the test cartridge).

When cleaning is necessary, use a solvent that will not rust the metal components or adversely affect the plastic magazine box. After the magazine has been soaked in solvent to loosen foreign matter, be certain to shake it vigorously (with the loading opening away from you) to remove solvent or residue from within the magazine.

After cleaning, always check to be certain that rotor movement and tension are correct, and that no solvent or residue remains. Do not disassemble the magazine. Improper reassembly or improper tensioning of the rotor spring can cause a potentially dangerous malfunction. If you experience a problem with the magazine, don't use it. Get a new one.

Cap Nut

Exploded view of the magazine components. This illustration is included to show the relationship and names of the magazine components. As noted in the text above, the magazine should not be disassembled.


Before cleaning, be certain the rifle and its magazine contain no cartridges.

At regular intervals, or whenever the rifle has been exposed to sand, dust, extreme humidity, condensation, immersion in water, or other adverse conditions, disassemble, clean and oil it. Proper periodic maintenance is essential to the reliable functioning of any firearm.

To clean the rifle, proceed as follows:

1. Disassemble (field-strip) the rifle to the extent described on pages 18 - 21.

2. Using a cleaning rod, run a solvent-wetted patch through the bore several times. Then attach a solvent-wetted bristle brush to the rod and run it back and forth the full length of the bore as many times as necessary to remove grease and dirt from the bore and chamber. Clean bore with dry patches and examine. Bore fouling can contribute to reduced accuracy, and grease accumulation in the chamber can interfere with proper feeding of cartridges from the magazine.

3. Using powder solvent on a clean patch or bristle brush, remove powder residue from all components of the mechanism. After cleaning, run a dry patch through the bore, then follow with a patch that is very lightly oiled. Wipe all surfaces clean with cloth, then wipe all surfaces with a patch or cloth that has been very lightly oiled.

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