The Bolt Lock

The bolt lock is located in the rear of the slide handle (see Figure 1, p. 6). The bolt lock is the manually operated means of retaining the bolt in the rearward (open) position. When the bolt is locked open, the rifle is in an inoperative safe condition for inspection of the chamber, cleaning, etc.

WARNING: The bolt lock is not a safety device. It should not be used to hold the bolt back when there is a loaded magazine in the rifle. A slight jar to the butt end of the rifle will cause the bolt lock to disengage and to feed a cartridge into the chamber.

The bolt lock should be relied on only to hold the bolt in its rearward position when the chamber is empty and an empty magazine is in place. The only purpose of the bolt lock is for convenience in changing magazines and for holding the bolt in its rearward position when the rifle is unloaded for the purpose of cleaning or inspection.


To manually engage the bolt lock to keep the bolt open: (See Figure 3)

1. Pull the slide handle all the way to the rear.

2. Depress the bolt lock plunger and allow the slide to move forward slightly until it stops.

3. Put safety "ON" (push fully to the right).

To release the slide (which allows the bolt to go forward) keep safety "ON" and draw the slide handle to the rear and release. Do not "ride" the slide handle forward with your fingers, as this may result in misfeeding of cartridges (see "To Minimize Malfunctions", p. 16)

CAUTION: Slide is under heavy spring tension and can injure fingers when it slams shut. Keep fingers away from chamber and trigger.

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