Warning Malfunctions

A cartridge can be "discharged" before it is chambered if its primer receives a sharp blow. If a cartridge hangs up, jams, or binds when being chambered or when being fed from the magazine into the chamber, do not attempt to force it into the chamber by pushing or striking the bolt. Any jam or feeding problem is a signal to immediately stop using the gun until it can be determined what is wrong. Most failures of a cartridge to feed or to chamber are caused by a damaged magazine, improper gun handling, or defective ammunition. Whatever the cause, cartridge jams can result in the potentially dangerous situation of a cartridge discharging before it is chambered. If this occurs, the cartridge case will rupture and its fragments will fly out of the gun with sufficient force to cause injury. Always wear shooting glasses and hearing protectors! Keep face away from chamber!




Safety "ON" f ^^

Always unload a firearm before cleaning, lubrication, disassembly or assembly.


It is preferable to carry out these procedures on a workbench or table which has a covered top. A piece of shallow nap rug or an old, coarse blanket is an ideal covering. Such a covering not only reduces the chances of the rifle slipping and being scratched, but it serves also to trap pins, plungers and springs that may otherwise get lost. It is advisable to have a container - such as a shoebox - in which each part can be placed as it is removed from the gun.

Before attempting to disassemble the rifle for the first time, study the parts drawing and parts list so as to be familiar with the relative position, appearance and name of each part. Carry out the disassembly slowly, and carefully note the position of the part in the gun before starting to remove it. If a part is under spring tension (such as, the Safety Selector, Bolt Stop, Trigger) remove it cautiously and anticipate the direction the spring and plunger are most likely to "jump."

WARNING: If a spring or plunger become lost, do not use a substitute. Springs of correct tension are vital to the safe and reliable performance of firearms. Before starting disassembly, remove the sling, scope and rings and place the rear sight blade in its down flat position.

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