Firing Warning

When firing the rifle, be sure that other shooters and bystanders are a safe distance to the rear. Empty cartridge cases are ejected from the rifle with some velocity and could cause injury to any person in their path. All shooters should wear shooting glasses when firing any firearm. Hearing protection must also be worn because exposure to shooting noise can damage hearing.


WEIGHT OF PULL Adjustment(D-43)

ENGAGEMENT Adjustment (D-22)


OVER TRAVEL Adjustment (D-45)

Figure 4. TRIGGER ADJUSTMENT: The trigger adjustment screw for engagement, Part D-22, is preset at the factory to provide an essential minimum sear engagement. This screw is for factory adjustment only.

The minimum weight of pull is established by the trigger return spring, Part D-49. This spring should not be modified. The weight of pull can be increased beyond this minimum by tightening the adjustment screw for weight of pull, D-43.

The trigger over travel adjustment screw, D-45, is set to a minimum at the factory and should not be further adjusted.

WARNING: Be certain rifle is not loaded before working on it.

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