Loading And Unloading

Before attempting to load or unload the rifle, be certain the muzzle is pointing in a safe direction.

MAGAZINE CAPACITY AND CARTRIDGES. Magazine capacity is 3 cartridges with Magnum calibers, 4 cartridges with caliber 220 Swift and 5 cartridges with all other calibers. Do not put more cartridges into the magazine than is specified in the foregoing. Each M-77 rifle is chambered for a specific caliber. Know the caliber of the rifle you are loading and load cartridges of only that caliber into the rifle. If cartridges will not fit into the magazine or will not chamber properly, do not force them. If you cannot determine why the cartridge will not fit, clear the rifle of all cartridges and write to or call the factory.

Loading the magazine: (Safety must be off—the "F" showing.)

Lift the bolt handle and pull the bolt rearwardly until it stops against the bolt stop. Load cartridges directly into the magazine by pressing one cartridge at a time into the magazine.

Loading the chamber: (Safety must be off—the "F" showing.)

After loading the magazine, push the bolt handle forward, stripping a cartridge from the magazine and pushing the cartridge ahead of the bolt into the chamber. Close the bolt and put the safety on ("S" showing).

To single-load:

, Place a cartridge directly into the chamber, close the bolt and put the safety on. If there are cartridges in the magazine and it is desired to single load a cartridge directly into the chamber, depress the top cartridge until the bolt face is well ahead of the rims of the cartridges in the magazine and the bolt will pass over them.

NOTE: Immediately after a cartridge has been chambered and the bolt handle is down, the safety button should be positioned so that the "S" shows fully. See "The Safety and its Operation" on page 5.

Unloading the chamber and magazine: WARNING: Because the safety must be in the "F" (fire) position to open the bolt, exercise great care and caution.

Lift the bolt and pull to the rear, to eject chambered cartridge. Leave bolt open. Push forward the small latch in the front of the trigger guard to open the hinged floor-plate and release the cartridges in the magazine. Hold the other hand under the floor-plate so as to retard the opening of the spring loaded floorplate, and catch the cartridges in the palm of the hand.

To fire the rifle:

When a cartridge is chambered, and the safety button is positioned so the "F" is showing, pulling (squeezing) the trigger will discharge the cartridge. Always be certain that you know where the bullet will strike when you fire the rifle. (See Handling Warning in this Manual.)


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