Attaching Ruger Scope Rings

Each Rugcr telescope ring is a mated assembly of a top and a base. Do not mix the parts of the two ring assemblies as they arc not interchangeable.

On the underside of each mounting ring assembly there is an integral lug. located off ccntcr with respect to the front and back sides of the mount. The lug is nearer to the front surface. By rcfcrcnce to the lug, the mounting ring can be correctly assembled with the front of the ring toward the muzzle of the rifle.

Disassemble one ring and reassemble over the scopc body between the turret and the eyepiece. (Note: High ring goes on rear mount. Low ring on front mount.)

Install the four top screws. Do not tighten.

Disassemble the other ring and install it on the forward section of the scopc tube with the lug forwardly also. Install the four top screws. Again, do not tighten.

Assemble the rings to the receiver with the lugs engaging the recesscs in the top surfacc of the receiver. Tighten the clamp nuts so that the rings are locked to the semicircular cuts on the sides of the receiver. Rotate the scope until cross-hairs arc aligned properly, and slide scope to desired eye relief.

Then tighten the eight top screws each a bit at a time to grip the scope body. Sight in according to the directions with your scope.

The folding leaf rear sight (standard on some models) is adjustable for elevation and windage. The amount the elevation slide must be moved to change point of impact varies with caliber and load. Shooting to determine the slide setting should be done from a bench rest and over a measured distance. Use only a small screwdriver with a blade tip that exactly fits the screw-head. Loosen the screws only slightly so the slide doesn't move too freely. When the slide is positioned at the desired height, carefully tighten both screws.

Lateral (windage) adjustment is made by moving the entire sight within its base. To move the sight, loosen the slotted screw (in the front section of the base) until the sight can be moved. Position the sight in the desired location and then tighten the slotted screw.

NOTE: The 'rule' of rear sight adjustment is: Move the sight in the direction that you want the point of impact of the bullet to move. As examples, to raise the point of bullet impact, raise the elevation slide (blade). To move the point of bullet impact to the right, move the sight to the right.

Firing a rifle with oil, grease, or any other material even partially obstructing the bore may result in damage to the rifle and injury to the shooter and those nearby.

Do not spray or apply lubricants directly on ammunition. If the powder chargc of a cartridge is affected by the lubricant, it may not be ignited, but the energy from the primer may be sufficient to push the bullet into the bore where it may become lodged. Firing a subsequent bullet into the obstructed bore may damage the rifle and cause injury to the shooter and those nearby. Use lubricants properly. You are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your firearm.

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