Component Parts List

(See Exploded View on Page 36 for Other Parts)

Key No. Part Name Part No.

1 Barrel Rib Dowel, Front S-152

2 Barrel Rib Dowel, Rear S-151

3 Barrel Rib D01330

4 Barrel Rib Screws, 2 Req'd S-138

5 Barrel Rib Center Screws, 2 Req'd D06101

6 Scope Rings, Low, Sold as Pair S100RL

7 Scope Base Adapter D08800 (Includes Key Nos. 7a & 7b)

7a Scope Base Screw, Front D06102

7b Scope Base Screw, Rear D06101

Ruger M77 Spare Parts Exploded View

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  • gianna romano
    What is component of hawkeye?
    9 years ago
  • jay
    Where to buy parts for a m77 hawkeye tiger?
    9 years ago

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