(Rifle Must Be Unloaded Prior To Disassembly)

1. Keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction! Put the safety in the "Load-Unload" position.


3. To remove the bolt: Open bolt and pull to the rear while at the same time pivoting open the bolt stop which is located on the left side of the receiver on the right-handed version and the right side of the receiver on the left-handed version. This is as far as you need to dismantle the rifle for a routine cleaning. It is rarely necessary to proceed further.

4. To remove firing pin assembly from bolt: With bolt out of the rifle and firing pin cocked, insert a pin or nail into the "disassembly hole" in the cocking piece.

NOTE: The pin or nail should be as close as possible in size to the hole diameter, and at least 2 inches long so that it can be used to 'lever' the firing pin to the rear when reassembling the firing pin assembly into the bolt. Unscrew firing pin assembly and remove from bolt. (Caution: Do not remove the restraining pin until firing pin assembly is reassembled into bolt).

VV CAUTION: The firing pin assembly is intended to be a permanent assembly and should not be disassembled. The parts are under great spring pressure and if disassembled could fly apart with sufficient force to cause serious injury. Also, special tools are required to correctly reassemble this part.

5. To remove stock: Open floorplate and while holding it up out of the way, loosen and remove the screw that holds the floorplate hinge assembly. Next, loosen and remove the screw that is just forward of the trigger guard. Remove trigger guard. Remove magazine box. (If magazine box does not come out readily, do not force it. It can be lifted out with the barrel-receiver assembly, but it must be done with great care.) Lift barrel from the stock very carefully. Lift the receiver at the same time as the barrel is lifted so that the barrel-receiver comes out of the stock level and not at an angle.

6. To remove the trigger: (Safety Selector should be in the "Fire" position.) While holding the trigger in place, press out the trigger pivot pin. (Caution: Trigger is spring loaded.)

7. To remove the sear:

a. Press out the sear pivot pin.

b. Turn receiver upside down and slide sear forward. Sear will drop out of the top slot in the receiver.

8. To remove safety assembly:

a. Rotate the safety selector so that the upper section is positioned fully over the center of the receiver tang.

b. While holding the safety selector in place with thumb and forefinger, slide the retainer up out of receiver. (Caution: Safety Selector is under spring tension from a spring and plunger acting against the lower section of the safety selector. The spring and plunger will jump out if not contained.)

c. Lift out the safety selector.

d. Remove the safety selector detent and safety selector detent spring.

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