General Information And Mechanical Characteristics

The RUGER® M77® MARK tt is a bolt action, magazine fed, repeating rifle. The receiver on all versions of the RUGER® M77® MARK tt rifle incorporates integral scope mount bases (see the illustration on p. 10). A set of two steel one-inch scope rings is included.

Other notable features of RUGER® M77® MARK H rifles include: A three-position safety, a fast lock-time steel trigger mechanism, a patented bedding system, quick release hinged floorplate with a newly designed floorplate latch, cut-checkered walnut stock with rubber recoil pad, and studs to which sling swivels can be attached. An "All-Weather®" version featuring stainless steel construction and a warp-proof synthetic stock is also available.

All mechanical components are made of heat-treated chrome-molybdenum or stainless steel with music wire coil springs throughout the mechanism (except the magazine spring). The rifle is available in short, standard, and magnum action lengths, and in right-handed and left-handed versions.

The RUGER® M77® MARK H Magnum Rifles are the first true "magnum length" actions offered by Sturm, Ruger. By combining a specially reinforced and lengthened receiver with a massive banded barrel, with an integral solid rib onto which special folding leaf Express sights with wide "V" notches have been dovetail mounted, Ruger has produced a modern big game rifle for the discriminating sportsman. The RUGER® M77® MARK U Express Rifles are the first deluxe standard length actions offered by Sturm, Ruger. The barrel incorporates an integral solid rib onto which special folding leaf Express sights with wide "V" notches have been dovetail mounted. This is a modern deluxe rifle with superior quality wood and features usually found only on custom rifles.

The RUGER® M77® MARK U Target Rifle is purpose-built for long range precision target shooting. It features a heavyweight hammer-forged barrel, target grade laminated wood stock, and a special two-stage target trigger (see p. 11 "Special Safety Note"). All exposed stainless steel components on the Target Grey™ model feature Ruger's unique, corrosion-resistant, low-glare finish.

The RUGER® M77® MARK U Compact Model has a specially designed stock with a 12 3/4" length of pull, shorter forend, and a 16 1/2" lightweight barrel for ease of carry in dense cover.

The RUGER® M77® MARK U Frontier Rifle features a shorter stock and 16 1/2" barrel like the Compact Model and includes front scope mounting barrel ribs. The Frontier Rifle allows for fast "eyes-open" target acquisition in a short, easy to carry package. Patented Ruger scope rings and a Weaver-style scope base adapter are included.

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