Operation Of Safety

The RUGER® M77® MARK II rifle has a three-position safety. The safety selector is located at the right of the bolt sleeve (on the left of the bolt sleeve on left-handed versions).

The safety selector can be moved from the "Fire" position to its two other positions ("Load-Unload" and "Safe") only when the firing pin is cocked. Fully raising the bolt handle cocks the firing pin.

The bolt handle can be raised and lowered only when the safety selector is in either the "Fire" or the "Load-Unload" position. When the safety selector is in the

"Safe" position, the bolt handle is locked in the closed (full down) position, in order to prevent inadvertent lifting of the bolt handle and to ensure that the rifle will be ready to fire when the safety is moved to the "fire" position.

Practice (with an unloaded rifle) moving the safety selector to the three positions until you know the position of the safety selector for the three modes- "Fire," "Load-Unload," and "Safe." WARNING: When manipulating the safety selector, DO NOT HAVE ANY FINGER INSIDE THE TRIGGER GUARD! When the safety selector is in the "Fire" position and the trigger is pulled, the rifle will fire.

The safety selector should always be in the "Safe" position except when the gun user is actually firing or unloading the rifle. The safety selector should unfailingly be moved to the "Safe" position when the gun user ceases firing.

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