(Again, Be Sure Rifle Is Unloaded)

1. To replace the safety assembly:

a. Place the safety selector detent and safety selector detent spring into the hole in the receiver.

b. Set the safety selector in place with its upper section positioned over the center of the receiver tang.

c. While holding the safety selector in place with thumb and forefinger while applying downward pressure, slide the safety selector retainer into dovetail from the top. Align the notch in the safety selector retainer with the sear pivot pin hole.

2. To replace the sear:

a. Place the rear end (the end with the hole in it) of the sear into the slot from the top of the receiver. Swing the rear end of the sear up and slide the sear into position until the hole in the sear is aligned with the mating holes in the receiver.

b. Insert the sear pivot pin.

3. To replace the trigger:

a. Place the trigger/sear spring over the dimple in the trigger.

b. Assemble the trigger while aligning the spring with the dimple on the sear.

c. While holding the trigger in position, replace the trigger pivot pin.

4. To replace the stock:

a. Install magazine box on receiver.

b. Place barrel-action assembly - with magazine box in place - into stock.

c. Replace trigger guard and loosely install screws.

d. Install floorplate hinge assembly and firmly tighten screw. (This screw is angled and draws the barrel-action assembly into the bedding surface of the stock.)

e. Tighten the two trigger guard screws as follows: Do not tighten one screw all the way and then tighten the other. Instead, alternately tighten each one -a partial turn at a time - so that the screws will be tightened equally until both are snugly tightened.

5. To reassemble firing pin assembly into bolt:

Screw the assembly fully into the bolt. The assembly is properly positioned in the bolt when the flat on the bottom right side of the bolt sleeve (front of bolt facing you) is aligned with the flat on the bottom end of the bolt handle. Note: There is a shallow notch on the rear end of the bolt body - at the end of the cam cut - into which the nose of the cocking piece 'fits.' When the firing pin assembly is being turned into the bolt body, it may be necessary to use the restraining pin as a lever to slightly retract the cocking piece nose so it can be moved into the notch. When the firing pin assembly is correctly positioned in the bolt body, the restraining pin can be removed, but not before!

6. To replace bolt:

a. With bolt handle in an upward position and bolt head away from you, align the extractor with the right hand locking lug in the right-handed version or the left locking lug in the left-handed version. Align the locking lugs with the channels in each side of the rear of the receiver and partially insert the bolt.

b. Push the bolt fully forward.

REGARDING ACCURACY: The accuracy of any rifle can vary depending upon the make and type of cartridges used in it. Such being the case, if your RUGER® M77® MARK II rifle does not perform to expectations, it is advisable to try several brands and types of cartridges to determine which one delivers the best accuracy, before proceeding further. If your rifle is not as "accurate" as you believe it should be, before concluding that some serious fault exists, run the following checks:

1. Be certain the two trigger guard screws and the floorplate hinge screw are snugly tightened as described in Step 4, p. 21, of the "Reassembly" section of this manual.

2. Be certain the bore is clean and free from accumulated metal fouling (deposited by metal jacketed and lead bullets). See the "Care and Cleaning" section of this manual.

3. Check the sights for tightness, setting and alignment.

If everything is tight, the bore is clean, the sights are properly aligned and secure but the accuracy problem persists, DO NOT alter the stock bedding in any way. Do not scrape away wood and do not bed with "glass," plastic, epoxy, etc. Once a rifle stock has been altered, it cannot be reworked by our Product Service Department.

If you still have an accuracy problem, write a brief letter to our Product Service Department in Newport, New Hampshire 03773 and describe the nature of the problem based on the use of factory-loaded cartridges - not reloads. You will receive a prompt response from us and if indicated, detailed instructions with regard to the return of the rifle.

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