Sight Picture And Adjustment For Magnum And Express Models Only

Both the Ruger Magnum and Express bolt action rifles are equipped with special Express type folding leaf rear sights mounted on a base dovetailed into the solid barrel rib. The nonfolding leaf is set for approximately 50 yards. Use whichever leaf is appropriate for the type of shooting you anticipate. Changes in elevation can be made by raising or lowering the different sight leaves.

Lateral (windage) adjustment is made by loosening the rear sight base lock screw (located atop the rib immediately behind the rear sight base) and carefully moving the entire base in the direction you wish to move the bullet's point of impact. Tighten the screw securely before shooting the rifle. Repeat as necessary until the rifle is zeroed.


Front sight bead center in V-notch of rear sight. Target placed directly above bead.

Notch Rifle Sights

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