To Minimize Malfunctions Jams

Firearms of all makes and types are susceptible to occasional malfunctioning due to a cartridge not feeding from the magazine to the chamber, or due to a cartridge or fired case not being extracted and ejected.

To minimize the possibility of such occurrences the gun user should:

-Use ammunition of the correct caliber and type which is loaded to U.S. Industry Specifications. Do not use cartridges that are deformed or cartridges that have been reloaded.

-Clean and lubricate the gun in accordance with the instructions in this manual.

-Learn to correctly operate the bolt and how to properly load and empty the chamber and magazine.

-If the mechanism shows signs of not functioning correctly, or if a part is damaged or broken - don't use the rifle. Have it inspected and repaired.

For most repairs we recommend that Ruger guns be returned to the factory. However, if a gun has a cartridge in it which cannot be removed, then it is a violation of Federal Regulations to ship that loaded gun whether it be by U.S. Mail or by common carrier. Contact our Newport Product Service Department at (603) 865-2442.

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