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Before shipment, every Ruger firearm is inspected and test-fired to ensure that it conforms fully to our specifications and standards. If you have any question with regard to the performance of your pistol, please write to our Southport, Connecticut Service Department, fully describing all circumstances and conditions involved.

If you should return your pistol to the factory for repair, or order parts for it, please comply with the following suggestions for prompt service:


Ruger Automatic Pistols returned to the factory for services or repair should be sent to:

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., Service Department, Southport, CT 06490

Guns shipped to the factory should be sent prepaid. We will not accept collect shipments.

The Federal Gun Control Act, as well as the laws of most States and localities, does not prohibit an individual (who is not otherwise barred from purchasing or possessing a firearm) from shipping a firearm directly to the manufacturer for repair. However, before you ship your pistol to us, be certain that your State or locality does not have a law or regulation which will prohibit you from receiving the pistol from us after it has been repaired. If such receiving is prohibited, then please have a Federally Licensed firearms dealer ship the gun to us. If your pistol is sent to us by a dealer, it will be returned to him after being repaired. If a handgun (pistol or revolver) is shipped by an individual who does not hold a Federal Firearms License, it must be shipped via UPS. Persons who do not hold a Federal Firearms License are prohibited by Federal law from shipping a handgun by Mail. Handguns mailed in violation of the law are impounded by the Post Office.

Please do not include holster, custom grip panels, telescopic sights, or custom accessories with a firearm being shipped to the factory for service.

Enclose a letter which includes your name, address, telephone number, and serial number and model of the firearm. Describe in detail the trouble you have experienced with your firearm, or the work you wish to have done. Merely stating that the firearm 'needs repair' is inadequate information. Please enclose copies of any previous correspondence.

Work performed will bear a net minimum labor charge of $5.00. The charge for rebluing the Ruger Automatic Pistol is $15.00, which includes labor.

WARNING: Before shipping any firearm, be absolutely certain that it and its' magazine are unloaded. Do not ship cartridges with a firearm.


All parts orders should be sent to:

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., Service Department, Southport, CT 06490

Payment must accompany order. Minimum parts order is $1.00.

Order parts by Part Number and Part Name and include the entire serial number of the firearm for which the parts are being ordered.

‚ô¶Parts designated by an asterisk must be factory fitted. The price shown for these parts does not include the minimum net labor charge of $5.00. All parts in the Parts List marked with an asterisk are factory replaced on an exchange basis only. We will not return the replaced parts. Firearms users are cautioned that a gun containing modified, broken, malfunctioning, or badly worn parts should not be fired!

Because it is a serial numbered component, the Automatic Pistol Barrel-Receiver Assembly (A-52 in the parts drawing) is defined as a "firearm" by Federal law and is not sold as a separate component. The Barrel-Receiver of the Ruger Automatic Pistol is an integrated assembly, therefore, the barrel alone is not available as a separate component part.

Note on older model Grip Frame and Magazine: The grip frame on all models of Ruger .22 caliber Automatic Pistols was changed in 1971. New grip frames are marked "A-100" on the left side, underneath the grip panel. These new frames will accommodate only the new style magazine (AMC) and the new style grip panels (A 108). Old style grip frames will accommodate only the old style grip panels (A-8) because the screw holes are positioned differently.

Old style magazines (with slot on right side only) will not fit pistols marked A-100. The new magazine has its follower button on the left side, but the button can readily be changed to the right side. With the button on the right side, the magazine will then fit the older style pistols manufactured before 1971. (To change the button, depress the follower carefully and slowly with a piece of wood to the position where the slot widens to a circular opening. The button can now be withdrawn with the fingers and installed on the opposite side of the follower.)

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