Sight Adjustment

MARK I MODEL: The Target models are equipped with a rear sight that is adjustable for elevation and windage. Each click of the sight adjustment screws (either windage or elevation) will move the point of impact of the bullet approximately at a range of 25 yards. The height of the front sight has been set to take best advantage of the elevation adjustment in the rear sight.

The Elevation and Windage screws on the adjustable rear sight should be turned only with screwdrivers that exactly fit the screw heads. ELEVATION CHANGE: To raise point of impact: turn screw counterclockwise. To lower point of impact: turn screw clockwise. WINDAGE CHANGE: To move the point of impact to the right'. turn screw counterclockwise. To move the point of impact to the left: turn screw clockwise.

STANDARD MODEL: In the Standard Model pistol (fixed rear sight), if the gun shoots low, the front sight blade can be reduced in height by careful filing. File off only a small amount and then target the gun. Repeat the filing process until the desired point of bullet-impact is achieved. The rear sight on the Standard Model does not have a screw adjustment arrangement, however, some lateral (windage) adjustment is possible by moving the rear sight in its dovetail slot. To move the rear sight, place a brass punch against the base of the sight and tap the sight in the direction you wish to move the bullet on the target. Use a small hammer to tap the rod. Before attempting to move the sight, make a pencil mark on both the sight and the receiver. Such an index mark will enable you to see how much the sight is moved.

(See Figure 10 on page 17 for Sight Picture information.)

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