To Extract And Eject A Chambered Cartridge

When the automatic pistol is fired, the same gas pressure which drives the bullet forward also acts thru the cartridge case to push the bolt to the rear. That action causes extraction and ejection of the fired cartridge case. But, when the bolt is operated by hand, there can be a failure to extract the cartridge from the chamber, or a failure to eject the cartridge clear of the pistol. These failures usually are the result of the bolt not being pulled rearward vigorously, coupled with an accumulation of bullet lubricant in the chamber. From the foregoing it is clear that the gun user must:

1. Always visually check the chamber after opening the bolt to eject a chambered cartridge. If the bolt is not vigorously retracted when being operated by hand, the extracted cartridge can be 'ejected' into the grip frame of the magazine-well.

2. Thoroughly clean the chamber and the extractor as often as necessary to prevent the accumulation of grease and dirt.

If an empty magazine is in the pistol when the bolt is being hand retracted to extract a cartridge, the cartridge may drop on top of the magazine. Then when the bolt goes forward, the cartridge will be chambered again! This can be avoided by always removing the magazine before clearing the chamber, and visually ensuring that no cartridges remain in the gun.

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