Handling warning

Do not load the pistol until you are ready to use it, and unload it immediately when you have completed shooting. (See also UNLOADING WARNING in this Manual.)

Exercise utmost care and caution at all limes when handling any firearm. The firearm should be carried and handled so it will not be dropped or struck. With the safety off (in the position) the pistol is in the rcady-to-firc mode. Therefore, as in any firearm, any blow or jar which is of sufficient force to actuate components of the firing mechanism (trigger or hammer or sear or firing pin) may cause a chambered cartridge to discharge. Such a discharge can occur with or without the trigger being directly struck or touched.

When carrying the pistol with a loaded magazine in place, the chamber should be empty and the bolt should be closed.

Do not carry the pistol with a cartridge in the chamber!

Do not carry a loaded pistol with the safety in the "F* position! The user should never depend on a safety mechanism or any other mechanical device to justify careless handling or permitting the pistol to point in an unsafe direction. The shooter should always be alert to the possibility of accidental discharge regardless of the position of the safety. The only safe pistol is one in which the bolt is open, the chambcr is empty and there is no magazine in the gun.

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