Correct Unloading Sequence

Ruger Mark Iii Pistol

4. If desired, the bolt can be left in the open position, being held there by the bolt stop. If it is desired to close the bolt, again look to be certain the chamber is empty. Assuming that the magazine is not in the pistol and that the safety is "on" (S), retract the bolt to its rearmost position, release it, and the bolt will snap forward (on Mark III models). On 22/45 models the bolt stop button must be depressed. Keep your fingers out of the receiver!

5. With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, push the safety to the "off" (F) position and pull the trigger to decock the pistol. The pistol can be dry fired as long as the firing pin stop is in place (see NOTE in step 5 on page 23).

6. If the magazine contains cartridges, they can be removed by pressing down slightly on the magazine button (to ease the spring tension) with the thumb, and then sliding the cartridges forward and out of the magazine, one at a time until emptied.

7. Push empty (unloaded) magazine into grip frame until the latch locks it in place.

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