To Load And Fire

Practice this important aspect of gun handing (with an unloaded pistol) until you can perform each of the steps — described below — with skill and confidence.

But before you do anything with the pistol, first read completely through this manual.

1. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. (See Rule 2, p. 39.)

2. Push the magazine release button and pull the magazine down out of the grip frame by its foot.

3. Grasp the grooved ears of the bolt and pull the bolt to the rear as far as it will go. (See Figure 4, below.) This cocks the hammer and must be done before the safety can be put on.

Ruger Mark3 Grips

4. Engage the safety by moving it fully upward so the "S" shows completely. (See Figure 2, p. 10.)

5. Put ten (10) or fewer .22 caliber Long Rifle cartridges into the magazine. In loading the magazine make sure that all of the cartridges lie parallel and evenly in the magazine. The follower button on the left side of the magazine is used to lower the follower so the cartridges can be readily inserted.

A CAUTION: When using the follower button, have it under control. When loading or handling the magazine, do not pull the button down and then release it suddenly. The rim of the cartridge hitting the magazine lips may set off a sensitive primer and cause the cartridge case to discharge, burst violently, and result in injury.

6. Insert magazine into pistol, taking care that the magazine is fully inserted and locked in place. Slamming the magazine into the grip frame is not necessary.

7. Don't touch the trigger. Pull the bolt to the rear as far as it will go. (See Figure 4, above.) Release the bolt so that it will fly forward. (On 22/45 models, the bolt stop must also be depressed to permit the bolt to fly forward.) This will place a cartridge into the firing chamber. If the pistol is not to be fired immediately, the safety button should remain "on" — with the "S" showing. (See Figure 2, p. 10.)

Once the safety is pushed down so the "F" shows, the pistol will fire a cartridge each time the trigger is pulled, until all of the cartridges in the magazine, and the one in the chamber, have been fired.

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