To Unload

NOTE: This sequence must be followed exactly as spelled out. Failure to do so can result in the pistol's chamber becoming unintentionally loaded with a cartridge.

1. The muzzle of the pistol must be pointing in a safe direction at all times, and fingers must be outside the trigger guard. If the pistol is cocked, put the safety "on" (S) by pushing safety button fully upward.

2. Remove the magazine from the pistol and place it where it will not get damaged or collect dirt. (REMEMBER that even though the magazine has been removed, a cartridge may still be in the chamber.)

3. Firmly hold pistol in right hand so that the right thumb is directly underneath the bolt stop. Grasp bolt ears firmly between thumb and forefinger of left hand and briskly retract the bolt to its rearmost position. As the bolt nears the end of its retraction, the chambered cartridge should be extracted and ejected. When the bolt is fully retracted, push upward on bolt stop with thumb, then allow bolt to move forward slowly until it comes to rest against the bolt stop.

Always visually double check the chamber and the interior area of the receiver and the magazine-well to be certain there are no cartridges present. Gently shake the pistol to dislodge any cartridge which may have been ejected into the magazine-well when the bolt was retracted.

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