Why Are We Including A Fired Cartridge Case With Every Ruger Pistol And Revolver

Certain states and jurisdictions now require that all newly manufactured pistols and revolvers must be accompanied by a cartridge case, which has been test fired from that gun at the factory. The case must be placed in a sealed container bearing certain information concerning this test cartridge.

At the time of retail sale in those jurisdictions, firearms dealers must forward such test cartridge to a designated destination such as their State Police Laboratory. As independent Ruger Distributors have nationwide markets without territorial restrictions, we have decided to include a fired cartridge case with all new Ruger pistols and revolvers, to minimize the possibility of inadvertent non-compliance with these laws.

Retail customers located in other states, where laws or regulations do not require the dealer to so act, may be assured that the fired cartridge case they receive with the firearm at the time of retail purchase is proof that your new Ruger firearm has undergone our normal test firing procedures during manufacture.

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