Ruger Mini 14 Full Auto Conversion

New Parts To Be Manufactured

Screw-Pivot, Tripping Lever - Drawing * 4A

This screw will act as a pivot point for the tripping lever. It is designed with a shoulder that will bottom out against the receiver when installed. This will prevent binding between the tripping lever and the receiver.

Tripping Lever - Drawing t 4B

The top of this lever will contact a portion of the slide each time the gun cycles. By means of a pivot in the center of the lever, the forward movement at the top of the lever causes the bottom of the tripping lever to move rearwards. It is by this action that rearward movement is provided to disengage the secondary sear during each cycle of the slide.

Bushing, Tripping Lever - Drawing # 4C

This bushing 1s permanently attached to the tripping lever by flaring the small end after inserting it into the lever. It

1s through this part that the pivot screw mounts the lever to the receiver.

Disconnector - Drawing 0 40

This is the linkage through which the rearward movement of the tripping lever is transferred to the secondary sear.

Pin-Disconnector and Tripping Lever - Drawing

The pin attaches the Disconnector to the Tripping Lever. It also acts as a pivot for the two parts. The pin 1s flared on both ends when Installed to prevent the disconnector and tripping lever from coming apart.

Pin-Disconnector, Secondary Sear Engagement - Drawing # 4F

This pin is permanently attached to the disconnector and its purpose is to engage the secondary sear. When rearward movement is applied to the disconnector, the secondary sear is also moved rearward.

Clip-Retaining, Disconnector Pin - Drawing £_4G

The plastic clip attaches to the small diameter of the disconnector secondary sear pin, and prevents the disconnector assembly from disengaging from the secondary sear.

8. Fixture-Secondary Sear Machining - Drawing J_4H

The secondary sear has irregular shape not suitable for clamping in a mill vise. This fixture will securely hold and prevent movement of the secondary sear while machining it.

Ruger Mini Full Auto Conversion Kit

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