Be Sure Rifle Is Unloaded!

Although The Mini-14 Rifle can be disassembled, reassembled, and cleaned in almost any surrounding, it is preferrable to carry out these procedures on a workbench or table which has a covered top. A piece of shallow nap rug or an old blanket is an ideal covering. Such a covering keeps the rifle from slipping and being scratched.

1. With the rille pointing in a safe direction, safety %,0N'\ remove the magazine by pushing catch forward to release magazine, while drawing magazine down and forward (See Fig. 6).

Pull the slide handle all the way to the rear and release. Make sure safety is "ON" <See Kig. 7). NOTK: Hammer must be cocked and safety must be ~ON" to accomplish disassembly and reassembly. Again, be sure chamber is empty!

3. Use a 1/4" diameter steel rod. punch, screwdriver shank, or other suitable instrument inserted into the hole in the rear of the trigger guard as a lever to spring open the trigger guard from its latched position (See Fig. 8).

WARNING: Do not use a cartridge to unlatch the trigger guard because of the danger of loosening the bullet in the cartridge case (See Warnings in "Ammunition" section, p. 6).

4. Invert rifle and remove trigger housing assembly by carefully pulling it upward (See Fig. 9). Be careful not to damage stock when removing or replacing the trigger housing assembly.

5. Remove from stock by swinging rear end away from action slightly, then pull stock out of engagement with gas block (See Fig. 10».

Figure 8

Figure 8

Figure 10

Figure 11a

6. Remove guide rod and recoil spring (See Figs. 11a and lib».

CM TIOX: The recoil spring is heavily compressed — use eye protection and care when disassembling and reassembling to prerent the guide rod and spring from escaping forcibly and possibly causing injury.

7. Pull slide handle to the rear. Align locking projections on slide with disassembly notch on receiver. Remove slide (Sec Fig. 12).

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8. Pull the bolt forward until it can be pivoted out of receiver. Align firing pin projection with slot in lower receiver bridge and remove bolt from receiver (See Fig. 13).

Removal of the bolt stop assembly is not normally required for routine cleaning.

9. The bolt lock cover plate can be removed by tapping downward (with a soft metal punch) at point (See Fig. 14). With cover plate removed, depress bolt lock plunger MbM, which will allow the bolt stop V to be lifted out.

Mini Disassembly

NOTE: The Mini-14 is like the Ml Garand and many other types of autoloading rifles in that the hammer can fall if the trigger is pulled when the bolt is partially retracted. It is important for the shooter to realize that the firing pin cannot contact the cartridge until the bolt is safely locked, regardless of the position of the slide.

Removal of the gas block assembly is not necessary and is not advisable. The gas block assembly is factory fitted using special fixtures and torque tools. Attempting to fit the gas block assembly without the required special equipment can result in damage to the components and malfunctioning of the rifle.

Further disassembly of the HI G£fC° *WUIf fUfXE is not required for normal cleaning purposes and should only be performed by a trained armorer who is experienced in firearms repair.

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