Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not In

Even a bit of mud. snow or excess lubricating oil or grease in the bore may cause the barrel to bulge, or even burst on firing, and can cause serious injury to the shooter and bystanders. Be sure that you are using ammunition of the proper caliber and loading for the gun you are using. If the report or recoil on firing seems weak, or doesn't seem quite right. CEASE FIRING IMMEDIATELY, unload your firearm, and check to be sure that no obstruction has become lodged in the barrel. Never try to shoot out an obstruction!

Firearms should be loaded only when you are in the field or on the target range or shooting area, ready to shoot. Firearms and ammunition should be securely locked in racks or cabinets when not in use. Ammunition should safely be stored separate from firearms. Store your firearms out of sight of visitors and children. It is the gun owner's responsibility' to be certain that children and persons unfamiliar with firearms cannot gain access to firearms, ammunition, or components.

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