General Information And Mechanical Characteristics

The Rl'ftER* HIXI-U* KIH.I. is a gas operated, box magazine fed. autoloading rifle. It is simple, reliable, and consists of a relatively few rugged components. The mechanism employs the Ruger fixed piston/moving cylinder gas system in conjunction with a simplified Carand-type rotating bolt. The Mini-14 Rifle can be field stripped for cleaning to its basic subassemblies in seconds without the use of tools.

Music wire coil springs arc used throughout the mechanism. The safety, located in front of the trigger guard, blocks both the hammer and sear and permits the slide to be cycled with the safety "ON". A bolt lock mechanism is provided for convenience in holding the bolt open for loading and inspection. The firing pin is retracted mechanically as the bolt starts lo unlock and the rifle will fire only when the bolt is locked. The one-piece American hardwood stock is reinforced with steel liners in stressed and high temperature areas. The "All-Weather" model features a synthetic stock and stainless steel contruction.

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