Inserting The Magazine

See Figure 5. The magazine may be inserted with the bolt either in the closed or open position (See "Bolt l/>ck" section p. 5).

1. Hold the magazine at an angle as

To remove the magazine, simply push the magazine latch forward until the rear end of the magazine drops out of the magazine well. The magazine can then be withdrawn from the rifle. To minimize the possibility of damage and malfunctions. do not let the magazine drop to the ground (See Figure 6. p. 18).

2. Pull the bottom of the magazine toward the trigger guard until the magazine latch at the rear of the magazine well engages. Check to be sure that the magazine is securely latched into place.

shown and insert all the way up into the magazine well. NOTE: There is a hole in the top-front portion of the magazine that mates with a stud on the inside of the receiver.

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