Magazine Inspection And Care

Check the magazine frequently. The follower mast move freely and have adequate spring tension so that each cartridge is quickly raised to the feeding position.

To test the spring tension, load one cartridge into the magazine and then firmly press against the cartridge case. Remove your finger quickly. The cartridge should instantly and fully move in to the feeding position. If it does not. the magazine should be cleaned. If cleaning does not restore proper spring tension, do not use the magazine. (NOTE: After testing, remove the test cartridge).

When cleaning is necessary, use a solvent that will not rust the metal components or adversely affect the plastic magazine bottom. The magazine may be disassembled by placing a small screwdriver through the hole located in the magazine bottom and depressing the magazine bottom retainer. Carefully use the screwdriver to push the magazine bottom rearward as you push down on the spring-loaded bottom retainer. After the magazine bottom has been slid rearward off the magazine shell, carefully raise the rear end of the bottom retainer so that its two small lugs can be slid out the rear of the magazine and carefully remove the bottom retainer. CAUTION! It is under spring tension from the magazine spring. The magazine spring and follower may now be removed from the bottom of the magazine shell, completing its disassembly. After the magazine has been soaked in solvent to loosen foreign matter, be certain to shake it vigorously (with the loading opening away from you) to remove solvent or residue from within the magazine.

Reassembly of the magazine can be accomplished by hooking the magazine spring into the hole in the magazine bottom from the right side. Reinsert this assembly upwards into the magazine shell. Carefully compress the spring and slide the bottom retainer on from the rear. Finally, press the bottom retainer downward and slide the magazine bottom on from the rear.

show the relationship and names of the magazine components.

Mini 14 magazine components. This illustration is included to

Mini 14 magazine components. This illustration is included to

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