Operation Of Bolt Lock

To manually engage the bolt lock to keep the bolt open: (See Figure 3)

1. Pull the slide handle all the way to the rear.

2. Depress the bolt lock plunger and allow the slide to move forward until it stops.

3. Put safety "ON" (push fully-rearward).

Closing The Bolt

Ruger Mini Bolt Parts

To release the slide (which allows the bolt to go forward) keep safety "ON" and either:

1. Remove the magazine, draw the slide handle to the rear and release, or;

2. With an empty magazine in place, draw the slide handle fully to the rear and hold it there. Then, while holding the slide handle, depress the magazine follower slightly with the thumb, remove the thumb, and then allow the slide to go forward. (See Figure 4)

CAUTION: Slide is under heavy spring tension and can injure fingers when it slams shut.

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