Again, Be Sure Rifle and Magazine are Completely Unloaded!

1. Reassembly of bolt into receiver:

a. Bolt can be reinserted by holding it at approximately a 45° angle to the receiver, with the rear end of the bolt angling downward. Insert the tail of the firing pin through the slot in the receiver bridge, and "wiggle" the bolt until its rear end moves back into the receiver. Then, push it forward to its closed and locked position. It should rotate and move freely into place.

b. If you have removed the bolt stop (step 9, p. 20) reinsert the bolt lock plunger and spring into its hole in the top of the receiver. Depress the plunger until the rectangular cut in its side lines up with the round hole seen inside the receiver on the left side. CAUTION! Plunger will now be under spring tension and could cause injury if suddenly released. While holding the plunger against its spring in this position, insert the bolt stop until its rectangular "tab" goes into the rectangular cut on the bolt lock plunger. Sliding the bolt lock cover plate upward (prying it upward slightly with a screwdriver if necessary1) completes reassembly of the bolt lock. Note that the large inverted triangular protection on the cover plate goes on the outside of the rifle.

2. Reinstalling remaining parts of barrel/receiver group:

a. Retract bolt. Replace operating slide by angling the handle portion upward between the handguard and receiver ring: then lower the slide so that the cam track on the inside of the rod fits over the roller on the right locking lug of the bolt, and the tab adjacent to the slide handle goes into its track on the right side of the receiver.

b. Push operating rod fully forward. Be sure that the gas piston fits into the hole in the front of the slide.

c. Hold action upside down as show in Figure lib. p. 19. Carefully insert recoil spring into hole in rear of slide, and compress the recoil spring until the end of the guide rod can be reinserted into the small hole in the front of the receiver.

CAUTION! The recoil spring will be strongly compressed during this step and can fly out with considerable force, possibly resulting in injury. Keep it under your control and proceed with care.

3. Final reassembly of rifle:

a. Replace stock by inserting its front end into the gas block at a slight angle. When the stock is correctly seated into the gas block, the stock can be swung down into full contact with the receiver.

b. Insert the opened trigger housing assembly, safety "ON", into the stock (the hammer must he cocked prior to insertion). When fully seated, swing the trigger guard fully into place until it locks shut. An audible "click" will be heard when it is correctly locked. Cycle the slide handle and safety a few times to be certain the components are correctly assembled. Put the safety-back "ON".

c. Reinsert an empty magazine and fully withdraw slide. The bolt should lock open automatically.


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