The legal construction and possession of a fully automatic weapon is controlled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms division of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Proper application to the B.A.T.F., authorization, and permission must be secured before constructing this or any other similar device. Local and state laws vary and may restrict ownership of this or similar type weapons.

Severe penalties are authorized for violators of these laws. Minuteman Publications offers this information for academic study of firearms design and disclaims any responsibility or liability for the improper or illegal use of this or other similar devices.

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Introduction 7

Blueprint Index 9

Chapter 1

General Description And Mode Of Operation Semi Automatic 13

Chapter 2

General Description And Mode Of Operation Full Automatic 21

Chapter 3

Modifications To Be Made To Weapon 29

Chapter 4

New Parts To Be Manufactured 39

Chapter 5

Material For Construction 51


The purpose of this manual 1s to provide the necessary blueprints and manufacturing information for conversion of the semi-automatic civilian version, RUGER MINI-14 into a fully automatic weapon capable of firing multiple bursts, being fully controlled by the flrer.

The modification will be fully described later, but basically consists of alterations to the receiver, stock, and a sear group, and also the manufacturing of a disconnector assembly. The weapon can be converted to fire fully automatic or be restored back to semi-automatic in little more time than it takes to field strip it. This conversion does not provide selective fire capability. It Is very reliable and rugged due to its design and manufacture.

This manual presents the necessary data that would be required by a machinist or gunsmith to complete all modifications to the gun and to manufacture the required components. Engineers design weapons such as this with a great deal of care, and for successful operation care must also be exercised in the manufacturing procedures to be explained regarding this conversion.

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