Table Of Contents


General Information 3

Operation of Safety 4

The Bolt Lock 5

Ammunition 6

Magazines 7

To Load and Fire (With Magazine) 9

To Load and Fire (Without Magazine┬╗ 11

To Unload 11

To Reload the Kifle 13

To Extract and Eject a Chambered Cartridge 13

To Remove a Bore Obstruction 13

To Clear a Malfunction ("Jam") 15

To Minimize Malfunctions ("Jams") 16

Disassembly 1ft

Reassembly 21

Removal and Replacement of Fiberglass Handguard 22

Magazine Inspection and Care 22

Care and Cleaning 21

Maintenance of Stainless Steel Rifles 25

Sight Adjustment 25

Service and Parts Policy 27

Parts Drawing 34

The Basic Rules of Safe Firearms Handling 35

Warranty Information 40

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