The Bolt Lock

The Mini-14 Rifle is designed so that the bolt remains open after the last shot has been fired, provided there is a magazine in the rifle. When the magazine is empty, the magazine follower actuates the bolt lock which is designed to retain the bolt and slide in their rearward position.

WARNING: The bolt lock is not a safety device. It should not be used to hold the bolt back when there are cartridges in the magazine. A slight jar to the butt end of the rifle will cause the bolt lock to disengage and to feed a cartridge into the chamber.

The bolt lock should be relied on only to hold the bolt in its rearward position when the chamber is empty and an empty magazine is in place. The only purpose of the bolt lock is for convenience in the rapid changing of magazines and for holding the bolt in its rearward position when the rifle is unloaded for the purpose of cleaning or inspection.

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