To Reload The Rifle

1. Firing all cartridges in the magazine and the chamber will cause the bolt to automatically lock open. Keep the rifle pointed in a safe direction. Put the safety "ON". Reloading can be accomplished by pressing fonvard on the magazine latch with the thumb or forefinger. The magazine will fall free of the rifle of its own weight. To avoid the possibility of damage to the magazine, do not let it fall to the ground unless rapid reloading is absolutely necessary.

2. Insert a loaded magazine. WARNING: The bolt stop is held in place by a spring detent. Therefore, when there is a loaded magazine in place and the rifle is jarred, the bolt can fly forward and chamber a cartridge.

3. Release the bolt to move forward by pulling the slide handle fully to the rear and release the slide. A cartridge will be chambered when the bolt shuts. WARNING: The rifle is ready for instant use once the bolt moves fonvard. If the rifle is not to be fired immediately, keep the safety "ON". When you are ready to fire immediately, take the safety "OFF* and resume firing, putting the safety back "ON" whenever you cease firing, even for a moment

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