Damaged Nonstandard Or Improperly Assembled Magazines Should Not Be Used They Can Cause The Rifle To Malfunction

Before cleaning, be certain the rifle and its magazine contain no cartridges.

Cleanliness is most important to the function of this blow-back operated autoloading firearm. Any failures to feed or extract rounds may be indications of a dirty chamber. Note: For the 10/22 Magnum and 10/17 rifles - Never fire more than 50 shots without scrupulously cleaning the chamber. Use commercially available bore cleaning solution and a brass brush, followed by drying with a cloth patch, to remove any powder residue. An excess of dirt, powder residue, or oil in the chamber will cause malfunctions and may result in potentially dangerous cartridge case ruptures and release of hot gasses and case fragments when firing.

At regular intervals, or whenever the rifle has been exposed to sand, dust, extreme humidity, condensation, immersion in water, or other adverse conditions, disassemble, clean and oil it. Proper periodic maintenance is essential to the reliable functioning of any firearm.

To clean the rifle, proceed as follows:

1. Disassemble (field-strip) the rifle to the extent described on page 24.

2. Using a cleaning rod, run a solvent-wetted patch through the bore several times. Then attach a solvent-wetted bristle brush to the rod and run it back

Exploded view of the 10/22 magazine components. This illustration is included to show the relationship and names of the magazine components. As noted in the text above, the magazine should not be disassembled.

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