Care And Cleaning


Always be certain the revolver is completely unloaded before cleaning. At regular intervals or when the revolver has been exposed to sand, water or other adverse conditions, disassemble, clean and oil it.

To clean the revolver after firing:

1. Remove the cylinder as described on p. 19.

2. Clean the barrel from the muzzle by running a cleaning rod with a solvent coated patch through the bore several times. A bronze wire brush, of a size appropriate to the bore size, attached to the cleaning rod should then be pushed the full length of the bore several times.

3. Again swab the bore with a solvent coated patch. Then wipe the rod clean and, using a dry patch, swab the bore until it is clean.

4. Repeat the above procedure for each of the six chambers.

5. Run a lightly oiled patch through the bore and each chamber.

Some cartridges with lead bullets deposit metal fouling in the chamber throats, in the forcing cone of the barrel, and in the bore. If 'leading' is noted in your revolver, clean it out before it builds up and interferes with reliable functioning and accuracy. A special 'lead removing' cleaning tool (for bore and chambers) is available from gun stores.

The revolver's internal mechanism can be lubricated without disassembly. A few drops of light oil recommended as suitable for firearms, applied periodically about the various frame openings, will work its way into the mechanism parts. The exterior of the revolver should be cleaned with a solvent and then wiped with an oily cloth.

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