To Uncock Decock The Revolver

If your revolver is cocked, and you wish to let the hammer down to its forward position (against the frame), proceed as follows: USE EXTREME CARE WHEN ATTEMPTING TO DECOCK THE REVOLVER, AS THE THUMB SLIPPING DURING THIS PROCESS CAN RESULT IN AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE IF THE TRIGGER IS HELD TO THE REAR.

1. Make certain that the revolver is pointing in a safe direction (see Rule 2, Page 35).

2. Make certain both hands are dry and not impeded in any way - gloves, bandages, cold, etc.

3. Grasp the revolver (if right-handed) so that the thumb and forefinger of your left hand are firmly holding the frame, forward of the trigger guard. Thus, your left hand is in full control of the revolver (See Figure a, below).

4. Place your right thumb firmly on the hammer spur and, with your thumb securely in control of the hammer, squeeze the trigger only enough to permit the hammer to 'break free' of the trigger. At that instant, IMMEDIATELY RELEASE THE TRIGGER and then slowly permit the hammer, STILL SECURE UNDER YOUR THUMB, to move fully forward to its resting position against the frame. NOTE: It is imperative that finger pressure be removed from the trigger just as soon as it is free of the hammer. Then, properly, the trigger and hammer will move towards their fully forward rest positions together (See Figure b, below).

Practice this important gun handling skill with an unloaded revolver until you have developed the proper control and 'touch' to decock your revolver safely. The key to safe decocking is having the weight of the revolver controlled with one hand, while the thumb and forefinger of the 'shooting hand' control the hammer and trigger.

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