Gauge Parts List


Part No. Part Name Retail Price tOU-3-AS-A 'Barrel Assembly, Non Choke Model, 26" $426.25

tOU-3-AS-B * Barrel Assembly, Non Choke Model 28" 426.25

+ OU00338 »Barrel Assembly 26", Chokes Not Included 500.00

tOU(X)339 »Barrel Assembly 28", Chokes Not Included 500.00

KOU-49 »Blocking Bar 1.75

OU-36 Blocking Bar Retaining Pin .75

OU-34 Cocking Cam Pivot Pin .50

OU-45 Cocking Cam Sleeve (2) .50 each

OU-44 Cocking Cam Spring (2) .50 each

KOU-15L Cocking Cam. Left 2.75

KOU-15R Cocking Cam, Right 2.75

OU-14 Cocking Rod (2) 2.25 each

OU-29 Ejector Plunger (2) JO each

OU-46 Ejector Sear Plunger (2) .50 each

OU-47 Ejector Sear Plunger Spring (2) .50 each

OU-13L-20 »Ejector Sear, Left 5.00

OU-13R-2Q »Ejector Scar, Right 5.00

Shotgun EjectorOver Under Shotgun Parts



Part No. Part Name Retail Price

OU-30 Ejector Spring (2) .50 cach

OU-30A Ejector Spring Guide (2) .50 each

OU-8R-20 »Ejector, Right 16.75

OU-22A Filler Strip, 26" Barrel (2) 3.75 each

OU-22B Filler Strip, 28" Barrel (2) 3.75 each

OU-11-20 «Firing Pin (2) 4.75 each OU-51 Firing Pin Retaining Pin &

Inertia Weight Pivot Pin (3) .50 each

OU-12 Firing Pin Spring (2) .50 each

OU-5-20 ♦Forearm, American Walnut 86.75

S-61 Forend Escutcheon Medallion (Brass) .50

OU-78L-20 Forend Filler Block. Left 1.00

OU-78R-20 Forend Filler Block, Right 1.00

OU-81-20 Forend Filler Screw (4) .50 cach

OU-27 Forend Iron Escutcheon .50

OU-48 Forend Iron Escutcheon Screw .50

KOU-79-20 ♦Forend Iron Sub-Assembly 44.25

KOU-28 Forend Latch Lever 1.50

OU-40 Forend Latch Lever Pin .50

OU-74 Forend Latch Plunger .50

OU-41 Forend Latch Spring .50

OU-67 Front Sight .50

KOU-75 ♦Hammer Interrupter 3.25

OU-43 Hammer Pivot Pin .50

OU-18 Hammer Spring (2) .50 each

KOU-25BL Hammer Strut Assembly. Left 2.25

KOU-25BR Hammer Strut Assembly, Right 2.25

KOU-53 Inertia Weight 3.50

OU-58 Inertia Weight Spring .75

OU-85 ♦Interrupter Plunger .50

OU-83 ♦Interrupter Plunger Spring .50

OU-64 Link .50

C-97 Pistol Grip Cap .75

OU-57 Pistol Grip Cap Medallion (Red Label) .50

S-36 Pistol Grip Cap Screw .50

S-84 Recoil Pad Screw (2) .50 each

S-63 Recoil Pad, Rubber 5.00

KOU-52 Safety Block 4.25

OU-39 Safety Detent Plunger (2) .50 each

OU-54 Safety Detent Spring (2) .50 each

OU-32 Safety Thumbpiece 4.25

OU-68 Safety Thumbpiece Detent .50

OU-69 Safety Thumbpiece Detent Spring .50

KOU-16 ♦Sear Selector 6.25

KOU-59 Sear Selector Actuator 3.25 KE-55 Sear Selector Link Pivot Pin &

Sear Selector Actuator Retaining Pin (2) .50 each

OU-66 Sear Selector Pivot Pin .50

S-37 Stock Bolt .50

S-38 Stock Bolt Washer .50

OU-4-20 ♦Stock, American Walnut 159.25

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    How an ejector works on a shotgun?
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