Figure B

4. Remove fingers from ejection port. Grasp slide tightly. Now press down on slide stop and allow slide to move slowly forward until the slide stop spring retainer pin is aligned with the front edge of the slide stop notch. Press in on right-hand end of slide stop and pull slide stop out of frame to the left until it locks in its withdrawn position. (See Figure 5A, above). Do not attempt to pull it completely out of the frame. For the P94 & P944 pistols, press down on the slide stop and allow the slide to move slowly forward until the vertical index marks on the left side of the frame are aligned. (See Figure 5B, above)

5. Push slide forward and remove entire slide assembly to the front.

6. With slide held upside down, lift rear end of guide rod to disengage it from its seat against the barrel lug. Withdraw spring and guide rod to the rear of the slide. CAUTION: Spring is under tension!

7. Pull barrel upward out of slide slightly and withdraw to the rear.

8. This completes normal fieldstripping for routine cleaning and lubrication purposes. Further disassembly of slide or frame components is not recommended and should only be undertaken by the factory.

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