Locking Device Installation Instructions



• Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, including when you are installing or removing your locking device.

• Always verify that your firearm is completely unloaded before installing your locking device.

• Do not install locking devices in the trigger guard; always keep your fingers and locking device outside the trigger guard during device installation and removal.

• Store firearms, ammunition and keys separately and securely, away from children and careless adults; do not store your firearm with the keys in the locking device.

• Do not attempt to work the action of your firearm with the locking device in place; this may damage your firearm.

• While locking devices are an important aid to security measures, they are not a substitute for safe firearm handling and proper storage. Remember that any mechanical device can be bypassed with enough time, knowledge, determination and equipment.


Use the Correct Lock: While the basic locking device is substantially similar for all Ruger® firearms, due to the different shapes of the many Ruger® firearms, some firearms utilize different locking devices. The lock with a 5" shackle is for use with RUGER® P345™ Manual Safety Model Pistols. It is very important to use the correct locking device!

To Install the Factory-Supplied Locking Device:

1. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your fingers outside the trigger guard at all times!

2. Be sure the firearm is completely unloaded and contains no cartridges or cartridge cases!

3. Open the action completely. Use the slide stop to keep the action open during installation of the locking device.

4. Remove the magazine from your pistol and apply the locking device by placing the shackle of the lock into your pistol as shown below.

5. Close the lock by pressing the shackle into the body of the lock (the part that receives the key) as tightly together as possible. The lock has bumpers and the shackle is coated with a non-marring material that will not harm the metal finish of your firearm; be careful not to dent the frame or grip panels of the pistol.

6. Once the lock is securely closed, remove the key and pull firmly on the lock to test the connection and be sure it is locked. Do not leave or store your firearm with the key in the lock! Store your locked unloaded firearm and the key in secure, separate locations, away from ammunition, children, or unauthorized adults.

Figure 1

Correct Installation of Lock For Ruger® P-Series Pistols Only

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