Safety Must Be The First And Constant Consideration Of Every Person Who Handles Firearms And Ammunition

This Instruction Manual is designed to assist you in learning how to use and care for your RUGER® P34S™ Manual Safety Model Pistols properly. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Only when you are certain you fully understand the Manual and can properly carry out its instructions should you practice loading, unloading, etc. with live ammunition. If you have any doubts about your ability to handle or use a particular type of gun safely, you should seek supervised instruction. Such personalized instruction is often available from gun dealers, gun clubs or police departments. If none of these sources can help you, write to the National Rifle Association, 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030-7400. They will assist you.

The person possessing a gun has a full-time job. You cannot guess; you cannot forget. You must know how to use your firearm safely. Do not use any firearm without having a complete understanding of its particular characteristics and safe use. Remember: There is no such thing as a foolproof gun.


General Information and Mechanical Characteristics 8

Operation of Manual Safety 11 - 12

Ammunition 12

To Load and Fire 14

Operation of Loaded Chamber Indicator 16

Operation of Magazine Disconnect 17

Dry Firing 17

To Uncock (Decock) The Pistol 18

To Unload 18

To Reload The Pistol 20

To Extract and Eject a Chambered Cartridge 20

To Clear a Malfunction ("Jam") 21

To Minimize Malfunctions ("Jams") 22

To Disassemble 22 - 24

To Reassemble 24

Magazine Inspection and Care 24

Care and Cleaning 25

Storage 26

Operation of Internal Lock 27

Sight Adjustment 29

Service and Parts Policy 29

Shipping Firearms for Repair 29

Ordering Parts 30

Parts List 31 -33

Parts Drawings 34

The Basic Rules of Safe Firearms Handling 35 - 38

Warranty Information 40

"P345" is a Sturm, Ruger trademark. "Ruger" is a registered U.S. trademark.

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