Slide Opens Fast Hot Brass Ejected

10. For greater accuracy and consistent trigger pull, the hammer may be manually cocked by the shooter before the first shot is fired once the safety is "off." Keep your finger off the trigger while cocking the hammer! The hammer will be automatically cocked as described above for subsequent shots.

11. Immediately following the firing of a shot, and if a subsequent shot is not to be fired at once, put the safety in its "safe" position (lever fully down and white dot exposed) while the pistol is still pointing in a safe direction downrange. This will also uncock (decock) the pistol.

12. When the last cartridge loaded into the pistol has been fired, the magazine follower presses the slide stop upward to engage the slide automatically holding the action open. If the slide is shut, the shooter should always assume that there is a cartridge in the chamber!

Don't rely on your memory to know if a gun or magazine is loaded. Visually inspect the magazine and chamber.

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