To Clear A Malfunction

1. Be certain the muzzle is continually pointed in a safe direction and that the safety lever is in the "safe" position (lever fully down and white dot exposed).

2. If possible, remove the magazine. It may be necessary to manually remove a jammed cartridge that has only been partially stripped from the magazine. If so, use extreme care. Lock the slide open with the slide stop before attempting to clear the jam. Drawing the slide fully to the rear may bring the jammed cartridge along. Keep your face away from the ejection port during this operation. When attempting to clear a jam, use only wood "tools" so that the cartridge will not be damaged or the primer ignited. A 3/16" wooden dowel with a point on one end is useful.

3. Visually check to make sure that all cartridges have been removed from the pistol. Safely dispose of any cartridges involved in a malfunction incident. Do not use damaged ammunition in any firearm.

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