To Minimize Malfunctions Jams

1. If it appears that the jam was caused by the type of ammunition being used, try another brand, type, or lot number. Remember — use only factory ammunition of the correct caliber.

2. If changing ammunition does not at once eliminate malfunctions, then the following steps should be taken:

a. Thoroughly clean the pistol, paying particular attention to the removal of accumulated grease and dirt. Use a bristle brush and solvent to remove grease and fouling from the breech-face, extractor, chamber, and feed ramp area immediately behind the chamber.

b. Check to be sure that the magazine spring firmly returns the magazine follower to the top of the magazine.

c. Check the magazine lips to be certain that they are free of nicks and burrs and that they are not deformed or cracked.

d. Remove excess oil and solvent from all cleaned components, load the magazine, and try the pistol again. Make sure you are following the correct loading and firing sequence as described in this manual.

e. If none of the above steps is effective, try a different magazine of Ruger manufacture. If a new magazine does not function correctly, return the pistol and magazines to the Ruger Product Service Department. (See "Shipping Firearms For Repair" on page 29.)

f. Alterations to the pistol or use of non-Ruger magazines and accessories may cause malfunctions. See "Warning - Alterations" on page 8.

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    Where to lubricate a ruger p345?
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